Sunday, January 4, 2009

How Obama Won by Earl Ofari Hutchinson - Fun, Fair, Balanced & Objective

How Obama Won by Earl Ofari Hutchinson - Fun, Fair, Balanced & Objective

Now, I was not a fan of Barack Obama during the campaign, nor am I now. Yet, I can truly tell you that I am a big fan of political expert and writer, Earl Ofari Hutchinson. There is possibly no one in the current political circles who has written more profoundly and fairly about the constant waves of change in American politics than Earl Ofari Hutchinson. One of the best reasons I can give for my appreciation of Mr. Hutchinson is his new book, ‘How Obama Won.’ This excellent book is an interesting, fair, understandable and realistic account of the political race that propelled Barack Obama into the White House as America’s first African American President. It has to be one of the best records of this historic campaign that has been penned and perhaps into the future, making it a must read for opponents and supporters of Obama alike.

All of the material that Mr. Hutchinson wrote before Obama’s election can only be described as highly objective. He has kept that same approach to his writing in his new book, How Obama Won. One example that stood out to me was his statements about the current administration. Though, Hutchinson does not hide his opposition to President George W. Bush, he wrote his statements with clear reasoning and fresh objectivity. He does not come out with the horrific diatribes against Obama’s opponent either that so many other writers have used as obvious goals of simply besmirching rather than informing readers. I guess I can say that he does not seem to have any axes to grind, but just a public to inform. I find that exceptional and rare, indeed.

Now, I know there are those out there who will immediately say that they hate politics and will not take a good look at this type of book. Well, let me say that you will be very pleasantly surprised. How Obama Won comes across to the reader more like a true-life story that only America could produce. How Obama Won is full of unique and close-up information with great descriptions of the political and social twists and turns that made the 2008 Presidential election one of the most interesting and thrilling in the history of the nation. How Obama Won is a smart and thoughtful book, but it is also fun and takes the reader right into war rooms of Obama’s brain trust and that of his opponents’ campaigns.

I hope you will invest your time in this new and excellent report, How Obama Won by Earl Ofari Hutchinson. You will never say that politics is boring again.

Steven Clark Bradley

Author of Patriot Acts, Nimrod Rising,

Stilborn & Probable Cause

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