Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Day with Earl Ofari Hutchinson and NPR Radio, January 19, 2009 · Throughout Inauguration Day, the NPR news team and a few political journalists will take your questions and chat about the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Nina Totenberg kicks off our chats at 10 a.m. ET. A schedule follows, but it can and probably will change, so check back often.

    10 a.m. ET

  • Nina Totenberg
  • Dick Meyer
  • Vaughn Ververs

    11 a.m. ET

  • Farai Chideya
  • Mara Liasson
  • Rod Dreher

How Obama Won
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
A Comprehensive Dissect of Obama's White House Win
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How Obama Won by Earl Ofari Hutchinson


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Renegade Financial Planner® said...

Am listening to your radio link and you're summing up why people didn't vote for Obama.. and, typcially, have gone on too long about race and color. A card, I might add, that Barak played well as a running tool. Since I'm in the club you're talking about, here's the real answer: the #1 reason many of us did not vote for Obama was.. and still is ... his profound lack of experience. And his repeated display for distaste in America. You'll say he's got a black man's distaste. I say I don't feel like paying the price for his mama abandoning him at the tender age of 10. Barak's schtick of "change" is no more than that and his method of achieve that change reflects either his naivity or his lack of experience. Bush handed him the election due to his terrible tenor and so many were drawn to Barak's magnetic orator abilities. And missed that Barak is low on substance and content. Yes, younger voters typically would swing in favor of a Barak, until they turn middle age ... and their pocketbook comes into play. A lot of people have voters remorse. And by the way, we're all sick of hearing the race card, racial profiling, race this and race that. Let's get down to business.