Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Earl Ofari Hutchinson Interviews Jesse Jackson Live on Wednesday 5-6 pm PST

Listen Live on Wednesday December 31st from 5-6 pm PST while Earl Ofari Hutchinson interviews Jesse Jackson Sr. Jesse Jackson Sr. speaks out on what civil rights leaders should ask and expect from President-elect Barack Obama. Jackson talks with KPFK-Pacifica's The Hutchinson Report host Earl Ofari Hutchinson.


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Deb said...

Earl Ofari Hutchinson's "How Obama Won" is a realistic change in focus of our attention to the "post-nuptials" or to "when the honeymoon is over" phase of the Obama presidency. This will be where Obama's skills as a leader will truly be tested.

One consistent theme has always resonated in Earl Hutchinson's prose. That is his ability to predict and anticipate with uncanny accuracy, human behavior. With great anticipation, I look forward to watching this latest work unfold in time and assume its place in history.