Monday, December 29, 2008

How Obama Won Virtual Tour Starts Soon - Will You Participate

How Obama Won is a provocative, hard hitting critical assessment of the issues, events, forces, politics, pressures and controversy that shaped and ensnared Barack Obama in his historic 2008 presidential campaign. Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines the impact of race and gender, campaign strategy, the key political players, the nature of presidential politics, the changes in the Democratic and Republicans parties, the importance of the black, Hispanic, youth, women and blue collar white worker votes, the role of corporation and special interests in American politics. Hutchinson tells what the first African-American to win the White House means to America and the world.

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Ebook Price: $9.95 - Click here to order your copy today.
Print Price: $17.95 (including shipping in US and $18.95 to Canada)

The ebook is available now and the print book will be available soon.

Would you like to participate in the virtual tour -- its very easy.

I'd like to talk with you about a guest post on your blog or in your newsletter. In return for hosting them on your site, I would promote you as part of the virtual tour. In January I'm working with Earl Ofari Hutchinson to promote his latest book How Obama Won. I've posted the book summary, author bio details, the table of contents and excerpts at .

1 - Write a review for the book. I have the ebook at this point for reviews. (We supply a copy of either ebook.)

2 - Hosts may use any information from the book blog. The blog has author bio information, the book summary, the table of contents and a series of excerpts from the book – links to all details are in this blog post -

3 – If you have another idea, let me know. I love promoting – outside the box.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this project with you in more detail. If that piques your interest, contact me and we can talk in more detail. We are also offering an affiliate program for the ebook and the print book. Affiliate details and the link to sign in are here

Print copies of How Obama Won are on order and all affiliates will be notified as soon as they arrive. We want to start posting information about the book as soon as possible and plan most of these posts to run through January 20th. The posting may be extended after the inauguration, but that determination will be made around the 20th. Any questions, let me know. Earl Ofari Hutchinson will appear on my radio show Monday January 19th at

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