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Earl Ofari Hutchinson


Political Analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson New Book How Obama Won Dissects Obama’s White House Victory

Description: In his new book, How Obama Won, political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson gives a behind the scene political look at the forces, events, and players that shaped President-elect Barack Obama’s historic White House victory. In How Obama Won Hutchinson captures the full political drama and impact the Obama campaign had on the American electorate and political establishment.

Political analyst and Huffington Post columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s new book How Obama Won is the first book out the box of the many books that will be forthcoming on the historic White House win of Barack Obama. Hutchinson presents a provocative, hard hitting critical assessment of the issues, events, forces, politics, pressures and controversy, and the key players that shaped and ensnared Obama during the political game changing 2008 presidential campaign.

Hutchinson examines the impact of race and gender, campaign strategy, the major political players, the nature of presidential politics, the changes in the Democratic and Republicans parties, the importance of the black, Hispanic, youth, women, blue collar white worker and middle class vote, the role of corporation and special interests in the campaign as well as in American politics.

How Obama Won answers the one big question that dominated the political campaign. That is did Obama’s win really show that America had turned the corner on race?

Hutchinson assesses how Obama’s administration will deal with the crisis of the war and the economy, whether it can effectively fulfill the campaign promise of hope and change, and what world leaders can expect from his administration.

Finally, How Obama Won tells what the first African-American to win the White House means to America and the world.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst and a Huffington Post columnist. He is the author of The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House (Middle Passage Press, February, 2008).


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