Thursday, November 27, 2008

How Obama Won - Excerpt from Chapter 4


Team Obama’s Money Game Changer

September 15, 2008 was a rare day for Democratic Presidential contender Barack Obama and Republican rival John McCain. They both lambasted the greedy and corrupt (their words) Wall Street wheeler dealers for wreaking financial mayhem and pain on Main Street. The tough talk grabbed headlines and made the two contenders sound like the proverbial men on the white horse populists ready to take on the Wall Street greed merchants.

There was one thing, however, conspicuously missing from their Wall Street assault. They didn't name the names of the greedy and corrupt executives or the malfeasant companies they blamed for causing the pain and suffering. In the days after the financial meltdown, they kept up their Wall Street attack, yet they still mentioned no names.

This was no politically absent minded oversight. The prime culprits in the financial mess were prime players on Team Obama and Team McCain. They were prime team players even after the roaring financial Tsushima hit.

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