Sunday, November 23, 2008

How Obama Won by Earl Hutchinson --- UPDATE

The final editing is complete and the manuscript is almost ready to go to the printer. This is one of the best places to find out the most up to date information about the release of How Obama Won.

How Obama Won will be available in ebook and print format - so you will have the option to download the content immediately or we will mail a print copy to you. The choice is yours.

We will also be asking for your thoughts and comments about the Obama campaign and the upcoming Obama presidency. We will offer the chance for many of these comments to be posted here for the world to see. More information coming soon.


Marlon B. Jackson said...

It's always entertaining to see how Earl Hutchinson can make something obvious, obvious. His uncanny approach to making people think is unique. You may not agree with his thinking on issues but it triggers a dialoque that is necessary in a country like America. We need you Earl. Keep on truckin. Our diversity can be and should be our strength. PEACE
Mr. Marlon B. Jackson in the greatest city in the world, Washington D.C.

Nikki Leigh - Author and Publicist said...

Hi Marlon

I totally agree. I've learned so much working with Earl over the past year and he does have a great style to help people see the things that should be obvious.

Nikki Leigh
A couple of hours southwest of DC :)