Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Obama Own - Affiliate Program Available

To help us get the word out about How Obama Won - we are offering an affiliate program. If you think your website or blog visitors would be interested in learning more about the details of How Obama Won the White House - feel free to join our affiliate program.

The ebook sells for $9.95 and we are paying a 20% commission for each sale. It is easy and free to register with Plimus to be an affiliate.

To register as an affiliate, visit and click on "Sign Up" for affiliates, or go directly to Once you register - the site takes you to the affiliate control panel. You can click on "product catalog" in the center of the page and enter "How Obama Won" in the search box.

Or simply visit and click on "sell product" at the bottom of the page to request to be an affiliate.

The affiliate program for the print book will be open to the public soon.

Feel free to contact me with any questions -

Nikki Leigh


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